Welcome to Savestate2snes webpage.

Savestate2snes is a tool that let you create and manage savestates on your SNES console with a SD2SNES. It also support ‘hacked’ SNES classic with hakchi2 CE

It based on the USB2Snes firmware and software that allow to talk to a SNES Console using an USB cable.

Savestate2snes preview




You can download the latest release here It’s a Windows 64 bits version.

For the SD2SNES support You will need the latest USB2Snes firmware and software that can find here . I recommand to use QUsb2Snes software as it handle better power on/off of the console here


Real SNES or SFC

You can find a video tutorial here, or follows these quick steps to start using Savestate2snes.

SNES Classic


The Make savestate button will trigger a savestate from the game, understand: it will create a savestate with the current state.

The Save savestate button will save the last savestate made (ether with the controller save savestate shortcut or a previous Make savestate action) and save it. It does not trigger a savestate.

Savestates and categories are just files and folder created on your computer. You can move them around if you want to move/copy savestate across categories but It’s recommended to close Savestate2snes before doing that.


Knows issues

If you power on/off your console, there is a chance USB2SNES get lost (very likly on Windows 7) and will refuse for Savestate2snes to reconnect to it. You will have to restart usb2snes and savestate2snes and maybe replug the usb cable.

Reporting bugs

I prefer if you use the project github issue tracker to report bug you can also mail me at skarsnik@nyo.fr or find me on Discord/Twitch.

Please attach the log file generated by Savestate2snes, you can find it by typing %appData%/Savestate2snes in your file browser.


If you like this software and want to support me. You can donate money to me using Paypal to skarsnik@nyo.fr